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Kids Tumbling Aids

Tumbling Aids


Explosion Rec Centre is everyone's Favourite Place to Play in Lloydminster! We offer Gymnastic Classes & After-School Programs for Kids & Toddlers of All Ages, Even Pre-K!

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Kids Tumbling Aids

Tumbling Aids for Kids

In addition to traditional gymnastics equipment, Explosion Gymnastics also offers tumbling aids for children's classes. These aids can help improve strength and form for tumblers of all levels. Tumbling can be a physically demanding aspect of gymnastics, so using aids such as tumble trainers, handspring trainers, inclines, wedges, mailboxes, octagons, and countless other shapes can help prevent injury while providing support during difficult maneuvers. Our trained coaches are available to assist in the proper use of tumbling aids to maximize their effectiveness for each individual child.

Kids will also have the opportunity to practice on various types of tumbling mats, springboards, and even trampolines. Our coaches are trained in safely using these tools to enhance each child's individual gymnastics journey. So come give it a try and see how tumbling aids can take your child's skills to the next level!

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