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Kids Kip Bars

Kip Bars


Explosion Rec Centre is everyone's Favourite Place to Play in Lloydminster! We offer Gymnastic Classes & After-School Programs for Kids & Toddlers of All Ages, Even Pre-K!

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Kids Kip Bars

Children's Kip Bars

If your child is interested in gymnastics, you may be wondering what equipment they will need. One important piece of equipment they'll be using is a kip bar. Kip bars are horizontal bars that gymnasts can use to practice different skills. Children's kip bars are typically lower to the ground than those used by adults. This makes them safer and more heigh-appropriate for smaller children.

Kip bars can be a great addition to your child's gymnastics practice. They help improve strength, coordination, and balance. If your child is interested in learning gymnastics, be sure to sign them up for our kids gymnastics classes. We have experienced coaches who can help your child master different skills. Contact us today to get started!

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