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Kids Gymnastic Pits

Foam Pits


Explosion Rec Centre is everyone's Favourite Place to Play in Lloydminster! We offer Gymnastic Classes & After-School Programs for Kids & Toddlers of All Ages, Even Pre-K!

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Kids Gymnastic Pits

Children's Gymnastic Foam Pits

If you're interested in enrolling your child in gymnastics classes, you may be wondering about the foam pits that are often used. Here's a quick guide to understanding how these pits can benefit your child's training.

Foam pits are a key part of many gymnastics training programs. They provide a safe place for kids to land when they're practicing new skills and tricks. Most importantly, foam pits help to prevent injuries. Kids can experiment and push themselves without having to worry about getting hurt.

Foam pits also help kids to develop their confidence. When they know they have a soft place to land, they're more likely to try new things. So if you see a gymnastics class with a foam pit, don't be intimidated! These pits are there to help your child learn and grow in their gymnastics training!

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