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Kids Balance Beams

Balance Beams


Explosion Rec Centre is everyone's Favourite Place to Play in Lloydminster! We offer Gymnastic Classes & After-School Programs for Kids & Toddlers of All Ages, Even Pre-K!

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Kids Balance Beams

Youth Balance Beam

Kids balance beams are a great way to get your little ones started in gymnastics. They help build coordination and balance, and are a lot of fun too! Most beams are around four feet tall, but some are taller or shorter and can be as narrow as four inches or as wide as eight inches. Wider beams are usually easier for beginners, but narrower beams can be more challenging and fun for experienced gymnasts.

The majority of balance beams have a nonslip surface to prevent falls, and many have raised edges to help keep gymnasts from rolling off. Some beams even come with removable wings that help beginners feel more secure while they're learning to walk on the beam.

Some of the techniques practiced on a balance beam include:

- Walking forward, backward, and sideways
- Jumps
- Leaps
- Spins
- Handstands
- Cartwheels
- Front and back walkovers
- Front and back handsprings

With so many fun and challenging things to do on a balance beam, it's no wonder that kid's love them!

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