Recreational Gymnastics

(Ages: 6+)

Beginner Gymnastics:
Beginner Gym has three groups, based on age. Mini is for kids ages 6 – 8 to go through the first or second CanGym badges (Burgundy & Red); Junior is for kids who are 9 & 10 to go through the first or second badge levels; and finally, Tween is for kids 11 & 12 years of age who work on the gymnastics skills they wish to learn. Beginner Gym kids are introduced to basic gymnastic skills on the floor, beam, and bar apparatuses, while gaining physical fitness. Classes are co-ed and one hour per week.

Novice Gymnastics:

This class follows the age groups of Mini and Junior. Experience in gymnastics is needed for the third and fourth CanGym Badges (Tan & Bronze). Gymnasts will be introduced to more complex skills, while gaining strength and flexibility. This class is recommended for those who have completed the first two badges (Burgundy & Red), or have completed the Rocketeers class. Classes are gender-specific and one hour per week.

Intermediate Gymnastics:

Intermediate Gym is recommended to those who have completed the first four badges (Burgundy, Red, Tan, and Bronze), and are now moving on to their gender-specific classes. Gymnasts focus on physical fitness, strength, and flexibility, while trying new and harder skills. Classes are two hours in length, one-weekly.

Advanced Gymnastics:

Gymnasts will be focusing on the skills required to complete their seventh, eighth, and ninth badges (Turquoise, Silver & Orange). Classes are gender-specific and will be two hours twice per week (four hours/week).