Preschool Gymnastics

(Ages: Walking – 5 Years)

Parent & Tot: Walking – 2.5 yrs.
Children are accompanied by parents/guardians in the gym to learn fundamental gymnastics in a safe and controlled environment. Gymnasts will be introduced to the concepts of swinging, hanging, rolling, and bouncing, just to name a few. Classes are 45 minutes once-weekly.

Rocketeers: 2 & 3 yrs.
Gymnasts are developing to go into their own individual class. Parents assist in the child’s learning to be on their own. The class focuses on the child becoming independent within the class structure, while learning basic gymnastics skills. Classes are 45 minutes once-weekly.

Tiny Guys & Gals: 3.5 & 4 yrs.
Gymnasts finally get to be on their own in class to learn and develop while mastering fundamental gymnastics skills. Kids will be encouraged to try new skills, take turns, stay on task, and follow directions. Your child will be rolling, swinging, climbing, jumping, turning, sliding and bouncing. Classes are one hour per week.

Super Novas: 4 & 5yrs.
Gymnasts are introduced to more challenging skills with an emphasis on Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals. Classes are one hour per week.