Have your Birthday Part / Field Trip
at Explosion Gymnastics!

Birthday parties/field trips can be structured one of two ways.

1. As an unstructured supervised gymnastics activity where children can play feely in the facility using the equipment permitted. A certified coach is present only to provide supervision and safety when needed. It is a self-directed fun recreational activity to allow participants to enjoy and explore the gym on their own. The accompanying adult(s) must be inside the gym fence to assist in child supervision.

2. An instructed gymnastics class where basic gymnastics instruction is provided by the coach at the request of the adult booking the event. At the request of the coach, accompanying adults may be asked to assist with the group. Without a properly filled out waiver by the participant’s parent/legal guardian, participants will not be permitted to partake in the activities, whether structured or unstructured, at Explosion Gymnastics.

How it Works

Birthday Parties are run for 2 hours; 40 minutes is downstairs in the gym for free play or instructed gymnastics, another 40 minutes is upstairs in our birthday party room where participants can have food and drinks as well as open presents and the final 40 minutes are in the back gym.

Parties are $190.00 (plus GST) for 10 participants with a $50.00 deposit upon booking the party. Each additional participant is $8.00 per participant. Prices do not include GST.